Introduction of EPC Project for Muara Laboh Geothermal Power Plant in Indonesia

Date and Time
October 20, 2020 03:45 PM (PDT)–04:45 PM (PDT)

Geothermal energy is recognized as one of the important renewable energy sources in Indonesia, where a potential geothermal energy around 29 gigawatts (GW) are expected. Muara Laboh Geothermal Power Plant owned by PT. Supreme Energy (SEML) is located in Indonesia’s West Sumatra Province, and the commercial operation of the 85 MW stage-1 plant has been started from December 2019. Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (FE) was the technical leader of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project for the plant, while as one of the major equipment manufacturer such as geothermal steam turbine and generator, too. This paper introduces the description and challenges for this EPC project.

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