Geothermal Lithium Panel Part 2 of 2

Date and Time
October 22, 2020 11:30 AM (PDT)–12:30 PM (PDT)

Lithium recovery from geothermal brine is an exciting opportunity to meet the global demand for battery grade materials that will be used to power the future. Current global supply comes primarily from hard rock and evaporation ponds. Join us in this panel discussion to discuss this opportunity and what it means for the geothermal industry. 

Lithium Panel – Part 2:

  • Panel Discussion
    What’s next – what’s needed – what does this mean for geothermal?
  • Audience Questions

Moderator: Elisabeth de Jong


Derek Benson – EnergySource Minerals

Rod Colwell – Controlled Thermal Resources

Jonathan Weisgall – Berkshire Hathaway Energy

Francis Wedin – Vulcan Energy Resources

Rebecca Paisley – Cornish Lithium


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