Geothermal Drilling Corrosion - Reducing Costs and Failures with Onsite Monitoring and Treatment

Date and Time
October 20, 2020 11:30 AM (PDT)–12:30 PM (PDT)
This paper introduces a unique Therma-Drill (Hot Mud) System approach to benefit geothermal drilling operations, blending decades of experience with O&G and geothermal drilling fluid technologies. This new-generation mud system will provide optimum drilling performance of geothermal wells, while promoting maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness. O&G and Geothermal wells are drilled with similar methodologies, although the specific formations drilled, target intervals, and drilling and production goals of the two industries have required the development of drilling technologies unique to each. Drilling Fluids Technology has developed via different paths for O&G and Geothermal, hence Drilling Fluids systems for these drilling activities are often significantly different. Mud additives and drilling operations have evolved, and drilling fluids programs have typically moved away from the conventional hi-temp systems of the past, in favor of minimally-damaging ‘Drill-In’ and synthetic drilling fluids. The Therma-Drill (Hot Mud) System can be modified to use little or no Bentonite and conventional LCM, providing benefits which may include enhanced lubricity, superior wellbore stability and inhibition, reduced potential for formation damage, and reduced stimulation requirements.
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