Retrofit of Mature and Marginal Oilfields in the Peruvian Jungle into Geothermal Power Generation Fields

Date and Time
October 22, 2020 12:00 PM (PDT)–01:00 PM (PDT)
Some Peruvian oilfields located in the jungle have many oil wells under production, oil production began in 1974. Currently, some wells are closed, others producing with 98% of water cut nearby to close due to high lifting cost. The project, aims to convert these mature and marginal oilfields into geothermal electricity generation fields, the fluids that are extracted have an average well temperature of 100 ° C at the wellhead, due to the fact that the sedimentary rocks in the jungle basins were deposited over rocks igneous or magmatic, those rocks were in contact with liquid magma inside the earth, consequently, they are the main means of transporting heat to the earth's surface generating different degrees of the geothermal gradient, oil reservoirs are close to rocks igneous, with an average temperature of 120 °C at 3000 meters deep. Hence, In the geothermal industry, binary cycle technology was developed that uses low enthalpy geothermal fluids in a temperature range of 80 ° C to 180 ° C, within this range is the water produced together with oil. The project goes further, with a minimum of wells to continue extracting the oil to use it in a boiler as fuel and to increase the temperature of the system including the boiler combustion temperature for the same, maximizing the existing energy in the field, combustion at a lower temperature, then inject it through a well into permeable formations, there are wells and formations in the field, in order to avoid discharging CO2 into the environment and avoid climate impact. The most important aspect of the proposal is that the infrastructure will continue to be used. The jungle has huge natural resources of quality and variety, these resources by having electricity available to existing native and foreign communities in these lots, prior training to avoid unnecessary deforestation and avoid damage to the environment will be exploited industrially and the products will be extracted within Peru and exported.
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Geothermal Energy Associated w/ Oil & Gas