Geology Field Trip

Date and Time
October 19, 2020 01:00 PM (PDT)–02:00 PM (PDT)

Field Geology and Fault Mapping, Examples from Geothermal Fields in Western NV

Geologic field mapping involves several key components including determining the stratigraphic framework, mapping and characterizing faults, and mapping and characterizing geothermal surface manifestations. This field trip focuses on faults and explores the different field expressions of faults, such as surface exposures, fault scarps in alluvium, and faults inferred from stratigraphic offsets. We will also explore determinations of fault motion, fault recency, fault dip, and how specific faults may contribute to the conceptual model of a given field at either the exploration or resource management phase. Field localities will include both developed and undeveloped fields. Q&A to follow.

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