Ground Source Heat Pump, District Heating Panel Part 1 of 2

Date and Time
October 20, 2020 10:15 AM (PDT)–11:15 AM (PDT)

The Integral Role of Geothermal Heat Pumps in Beneficial Electrification and District Heating & Cooling Systems

Moderator: Jay Egg


  • Industry Executive: Ryan Dougherty, Geothermal Exchange Organization
  • GHP Manufacturer: Will Lange, WaterFurnace
  • Eversource Executive: Peter Klint, Program Manager - Emerging Technology Energy Efficiency at Eversource Energy
  • National Grid Executive: Owen Brady-Traczyk, Manager - Future of Heat
  • HEET Executive: Zeyneb Magavi, Co-Executive Director at HEET

Panel Discussion Points:

  • What is the fundamental function & principal of Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP)?
  • How does that differ from Air Source heat pumps (ASHP)?
  • What does Beneficial Electrification really mean?
  • What is it about a GHP that helps with Beneficial Electrification?
  • What was the problem that got HEET’s attention?
  • What are the hurdles to adoption?
    • Public Perception
    • Dependence on Gas
    • Gas Company Challenges
    • Electric Grid Capacity
    • Gas cooking inside the home (favored by many consumers)
  • What challenges is the Natural Gas (NG) industry facing?
    • Leaky infrastructure
    • Public opposition
    • NG Industry Term for “Impossible to replace”
    • Safety of Gas
  • Is it possible to switch out gas lines for geothermal lines?
  • What are the hurdles?
    • Regulatory
    • Costs
    • Right of Way
  • Who will own maintain and run the geothermal district systems?
    • Public utilities
    • Coops and municipal electric utility
    • Private companies/sector
  • Will NG Employees be displaced?
  • Is NG Pipe similar to Geothermal Pipe?
  • Can NG employees can be upskilled?
  • How will homeowners that no longer have NG be able to afford a GHP?
  • Can the geothermal utility provide equipment?
  • Is Utility On-Bill financing (with Net Positive Cash Flow) a possibility?

Wrap up commentary from the panel:

  • Moving forward with geothermal districts in communities.
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